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Litchfield's 7 Steps for a Healthier Home

Our 7 step carpet cleaning process is recommended by carpet manufacturers and UK carpet cleaning bodies.


Before we start we make sure we know what your carpet or upholstery type is, so we use the right cleaning process. We also inspect it for spots and stains and give you a hand-written report and quotation, so you know exactly what’s involved upfront with no hidden costs. The best results for your carpets and upholstery can only be obtained via a thorough and professional on-site audit.

Customers are fully briefed at this time, regarding the work to be undertaken to maintain exceedingly high levels of customer satisfaction.


Carpets are then deep vacuumed with specialist, powerful dry vacuum cleaning equipment to remove any loose dirt.


The carpet is then pre-sprayed with the latest micro splitting agents and/or detergents (depending upon carpet type and soil level). This splits the chemical bond between the dirt and the carpet fibres, allowing easy removal. A pre-spray agent is not a detergent, and leaves no residue in the fibres, which could attract and trap dirt in the future.


The pre-spray agent or detergent is then gently massaged into the carpet using a Contra Rotating Brush Machine to ensure all fibres are treated. This also mechanically loosens the dirt, further assisting in its later removal.


Your carpet is then cleaned using a High Powered Hot Water Extraction Machine which will include a ph neutralising rinse agent if detergent pre-sprays are used. This simultaneously sprays water under pressure into the fibres, and vacuums up any soil or debris, leaving your carpet beautifully clean.


Where required we use a grooming brush to reset the pile in your carpets to give them optimum appearance.


We will then fan assist drying of your carpet to ensure that complete drying time is between 1 or 2 hours only (humidity permitting).

Our upholstery cleaning follows a similar process.

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