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The Amazing Hygiene Benefits for Your Family

Litchfield’s professional cleaning looks better, smells fresher, lasts longer…

  • Revitalises home hygiene
  • Keeps carpets cleaner longer - removes dirt-attracting residues
  • Protects your skin - leaves fibres ‘ph neutral’
  • Saves you money - clean carpets last longer
  • Helps you breathe easier - Litchfield’s optional Allergy Shield protection eliminates dust mites and allergens
  • Brings peace of mind – owned and operated by qualified and trained technicians

Litchfield’s is the healthy choice for a hygienic home

Your carpets and rugs act like filters in your home for indoor air. Their fibres absorb pollutants and particles and hold them fast.

When filters get clogged they cannot absorb anything else, and every time you step on a ‘full’ filter you release contaminants back into the air.

Cleaning your carpet is key to a healthy indoor environment, and Litchfield's recommend that carpet and upholstery cleaning is scheduled from every six months to every eighteen months depending on the number of people and pets in the home, if you smoke, as well as whether you suffer from allergic sensitivities.

Litchfield’s can advise you on needs, and using the right equipment and cleaning solutions, can enhance your home environment and protect your family’s health.

What to Expect from Litchfield’s 7 Step Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is one of the few unregulated industries and that means it’s easy for ‘cowboys’ to gain entry without any foundation of professionalism.

Customers do not understand that many cleaning chemicals can be dangerous if they’re not used expertly. Crucially, if an untrained operator comes to your home claiming they can clean carpets and they’re using the wrong equipment (such as a hired shampooer) you can be certain that chemicals are not being removed safely.

Honest, ethical, reliable

Everyone has heard tales about carpets ruined through ‘cowboy’ operators or fly by night companies offering low coupon incentives to get their foot in the door, then hard selling customers into expensive bills they feel pressurised to pay.

When you open the phone book it’s almost impossible to tell the good and bad cleaners apart, or the ones you would never want entry to your home.  Great cleaners like Litchfield’s Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning work hard in the Tyne and Wear, Northumberland and Durham area to distinguish themselves from untrained operators who use unsafe cleaning practices, hard-sell tactics, and sometimes employ ‘unsavoury’ employees.

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