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Does your home have ‘house-a-tosis’?

Pet dander, carpet dust mites and other micro-organisms can cause poor indoor air quality and the ‘house-a-tosis’ that some homes have because simple vacuuming are carpet shampooing doesn’t clean deep down in the carpet fibres.

Litchfield’s not only deep-cleans your carpet using high pressure extraction, we ensure your carpets are rinsed thoroughly to leave neutral ph, and dry quickly, leaving your home smelling fresh and hygienic.

Before and after carpet cleaning image.

The cleanest, tidiest people often have unhygienic carpets. That’s because carpets hide dirt deep down, however much you vacuum.

A deep, deep, deepest clean. Litchfield’s removes dirt this far down.

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Not just deep-cleaned, healthy too.

Take a close look at the bottom of your shoes and you'll find oil, dirt and goodness knows how many bits of leftover dog deposits. Small wonder why dirty carpets are a health hazard.

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