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Litchfield's, Healthier and Safer

Litchfield’s use the most advanced, non detergent and detergent based carpet cleaning solutions, to safeguard our clients and their environment.

Our products and procedures are safe for both home and office environments.

  • Our cleaning methods ensure no residues which can cause skin irritations or inflammation
  • Our non detergent cleaning methods are safe for the environment
  • Our detergent based solutions are disposed of in accordance with current regulations to protect the environment
  • Where detergent products are used, ph-neutralising rinse agents are also used to ensure a safe, neutral ph in your home environment.

Your health is protected by:

  • The elimination of dust mites and other irritating allergens
  • The quality of the air in your environment is improved.

Reducing these factors within an allergenic environment is known to reduce and helping prevent asthma and other allergy related ailments.

Litchfield’s also offer Stain Shield and Allergy Shield treatments to protect your family and home further.

Regular Litchfield’s Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning doesn’t only look and smell good, it does you good too!

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