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Litchfield's Green Policy

Litchfield’s Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning endeavours to use only highly developed, environmentally friendly products to protect the environment, our clients, and their furnishings.

We use both detergent based and non-detergent products, called microsplitters. The latter are technologically advanced solutions, which allow us to clean carpets and upholstery, without leaving damaging trace elements in the atmosphere, or in the material cleaned.

This is important for the environment because our cleaning products results in zero carbon emissions.

Some of our products however, like the detergents you use in your washing machine are not classified as entirely green products, though the methods we use to clean and the way we dispose of our waste makes Litchfield’s a very responsible company. Where soiling is excessive or on certain materials, it is not always appropriate to use the ‘green’ microsplitter products as certain stains and soils are not as readily removed as they are with detergent solutions.

We will however always use neutralising rinse agents where alkaline or acidic detergents have been used to return all fibres to a neutral ph level.

This is important for you as a client because: No residues remain in fibres to attract dirt, or cause unresolved future problems whatever method we use.

These means potential for skin irritations and airborne allergens are reduced through our methods, maintaining a cleaner, healthier home environment.

Hence, our carpet cleaning procedure is extremely effective, whilst remaining kind to you, your carpets & upholstery, together with the environment.

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