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Customer Advice on the Day of Cleaning

Thank you for the opportunity to clean your carpets/upholstery.

The following information is for your convenience and safety.

  1. To speed up the drying process leave open internal doors and windows (weather permitting)
  2. During winter speed up drying using central heating
  3. Foil or foam protectors have been placed underneath some items of furniture to prevent colour transfer onto damp carpet from stained furniture legs or from metal studs which can impart rust marks. Do not remove until carpet is absolutely dry.
  4. Do not walk on the damp carpet in outdoor shoes as these may soil.
  5. Do not wear coloured socks or slippers on carpet until dry ads dyes may transfer to carpet leaving permanent stains.
  6. Be careful when walking from damp carpet onto a hard surface such as laminate or tiled floor. The moisture on your slippers makes them very slippery.
  7. Do not place cushions from the suite by radiators to dry them as permanent pressure marks may result.
  8. Some upholstery tags, labels and linings contain loose dyes. Care must be taken when replacing damp, freshly cleaned cushions onto the frame.
  9. Drying times vary greatly depending on the following factors: Fibre content, pile density, degree of soiling, method of cleaning, room temp, humidity and air circulation.
  10. If your Litchfield’s technician has given your carpet protection treatment, please refer to the leaflet giving important maintenance and cleaning instructions.

Litchfield’s hope that you enjoy your freshly cleaned carpet/upholstery.

Thank you for your valued custom and we look forward to being of service to you again.

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